Parental Engagement

Whose advice are you most likely to follow about a new restaurant – the owner’s or a friend or relative who has eaten there?

The same applies to schools. Whilst Open Evenings are a great showcase for your school, a far more effective way of marketing is to get the families of your current students to recommend you.

We will work with you to identify the engaged and supportive parents who can act as ambassadors advocating on behalf of the school.

Public relations

Every wondered why your rival schools are getting far more positive coverage in the local and national press than you? Well, they may be working with us.

Our clients are featured in their local press on average once every six weeks. They have also featured in every national newspaper and on all major broadcasters.

Our news media strategy will grab the attention of prospective parents and families, telling the stories you want them to hear.

Click here to see some of the stories we have placed in the media for our schools.

Reputation management

Our team of former journalists provide expert advice and support on how to manage your reputation through a difficult period of media scrutiny.

We can recommend a tailored strategy, provide a 24-hour press office service, monitor and review coverage, co-ordinate all output and liaise with stakeholders to respond as required.


Using widely available web resources with an accuracy of 97 per cent, we have built a comprehensive database of parents living in close proximity to every school in the country.

Using this technology, we can help you put together a communications strategy that can be used to market to parents choosing a secondary school for their children.

Proven Track Record

What messages are people hearing about your school? Perhaps, despite making huge improvements, you have a reputation that you are struggling to shake.

Do you have a new leadership team who are hugely ambitious for your school or Trust, yet are unable to communicate that message to prospective parents?

If this is affecting your capacity to recruit pupils into Year 7, we can help.
Every one of our schools has increased its intake since working with us. Click here to find out more.

Education Specialists

Unlike other PR and marketing companies you could work with, we specialise purely in education.

We know that the number of students offered a place on March 1st will not be the same as those who are on roll come September.

We know that the most important times in the year for marketing are the weeks and months leading up to the admissions deadline at the end of October.

We have experience managing both your transition and conversion marketing strategy to ensure churn does not affect your pupil numbers.


With stretched budgets, we understand that contracted services such as PR and marketing must be cost-effective.
That is why we offer a 25 per cent refund of our yearly fee if we are unable to help you increase your numbers in Year 7 by at least five people, each year.

For each student, the school is issued a government grant of around £5,000 per academic year, with the total amount issued over the course of the child’s education reaching £25,000.

Therefore, we estimate that we can help you increase your budget by a minimum of £25,000 to £125,000 per year.

Social Media

Our team of industry experts have the expertise to help create a buzz about your school among your target audience.

Social media offers the opportunity to celebrate success (large and small), interact with parents/carers and communicate your school brand.

We have experience creating and delivering very high-profile social media campaigns that generate interest.


We work with a skilled graphic designer to create corporate-quality marketing materials.

We also have an in-house photographer, who will capture those special moments at school events.

A small sample of our work can be found below, or for a full range of our newsletters, please click here.

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