Public relations

Our organisation’s defining characteristic is the capacity to tell engaging and interesting stories on behalf of our clients.

Thanks to our network of contacts, you are as likely to see our clients in sector publications such as Schools Week or TES as you are BBC Radio 4, The Guardian, The Times and Channel 4 News.

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Parental Engagement

While open evenings are a great showcase for your school, a far more effective way of marketing is to get the families of current students to recommend you.

We will work with you to identify the engaged and supportive parents who can act as ambassadors, advocating on behalf of the school.

We specialise in education and schools marketing. Contact our Schools Marketing team.


Using widely available web resources with an accuracy of 97 per cent , we have built a comprehensive database of parents living in close proximity to every school in the country.

Using this technology, we put together a communications strategy that can be used to market to parents choosing a secondary school for their children.
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Digital Targeting

Want to grow your year 7 intake but don’t know where to start? Perhaps you have tried bus or local paper adverts but haven’t seen the expected returns?

We help you connect with your audience across social media platforms by combining digital targeting with creative, compelling, story-led content.

Digital targeting finds audiences by age, location and interests, while our content drives engagement with your brand. An effective combination.
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Google Adverts

Being near the top of a Google keyword search is crucial to any organisation. Schools and colleges are no different.

Like social media advertising, you only pay for Google adverts when a prospective customer engages with your product, making it a cost-effective marketing tool.

We can create these targeted adverts at crucial points in the recruitment cycle to increase awareness and engagement with your school.
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