Mastering Digital

Optimise your school's brand with targeted social media and digital advertising. Our strategy enhances engagement and efficiently targets key audiences, ensuring every penny is effectively spent.

Animated Icont for Social media

Social media

Used correctly, social media is a very effective tool to communicate your school brand clearly.

We help you create a process which helps to capture the wonderful things that happen in schools every day.

We help you source and streamline a flow of content to make sure the right kinds of stories are reaching your audiences.

All content is framed within the MAT/school’s brand values and using clear and concise messaging.

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Digital advertising

Want to grow your Year 7 intake but don’t know where to start? Perhaps you have tried bus or local newspaper adverts but not seen the expected returns.

For every pound you spend on these types of adverts, up to 99p is wasted because the vast majority of those viewing the ad are not in your target audience.

Digital targeting via social media finds your audience by age of child, location and interests – meaning every penny is well spent.

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Google advertising

Being near the top of a Google keyword search is crucial to any organisation. Schools are no different.

Like digital targeting, you only pay for Google adverts when a prospective customer engages with your product, making it a highly cost-effective education marketing tool.

We can create these highly targeted adverts, at crucial points in the recruitment cycle, to increase awareness and engagement with your school.