How Arthur Communications can make the most of your OFSTED results

Image for How Arthur Communications can make the most of your OFSTED results

No matter the result of your OFSTED inspection, the entire process is one thwart with stress and uncertainty. Marketing for schools and Multi Academy Trusts is what we do, and the team at Arthur Communications are here to help.

In an age of misinformation and click-bait, communicating the results of an OFSTED inspection can prove to be a difficult task. Many schools are not equipped to deal with the ‘once in a blue moon’ media frenzy that ensues post-OFSTED, and that is why at Arthur Communications, we’re here to help your school through every step of the way; no matter the result.

Is your school pleased with the results?

If your school is pleased with the results of your OFSTED inspection then it is absolutely crucial that your school acts as fast as possible to ensure students, parents, staff and the community are aware of your success.

The team at Arthur Communications are well versed in ensuring schools are equipped to capitalise upon their success. That’s why the team will work tirelessly to ensure that a plethora of engaging content is created to seize the opportunity and reward your hard-working team with content that stands above the rest, elevating your status amongst the local community.

As well as this, we’ll make sure that the content we produce reaches your desired audience through our expert knowledge of social media algorithms and bespoke content creation. Furthermore, we’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure the content is reflective of your school’s values and culture.

Is your school looking to improve upon the results?

Whilst disappointing OFSTED results can signal a challenging time in your school, it doesn’t have to.

The Arthur Communications team are experts in schools’ public relations. We will endeavour to produce content which is open and transparent, content which admits the failings of your school, and your school’s plan to begin improvement, and most importantly; content which will inspire hope amongst students, parents, staff and the community.

When media outlets and parents come looking for answers from the school, Arthur Communications will provide you with the tools, the messaging and the skills to answer such questions in a way which provides hope for everyone.

Our organisation’s defining characteristic is the capacity to tell engaging and interesting stories on behalf of our clients; your school’s OFSTED results are no exception.