Marketing for School. Open Evening part 1: The Basics

Over the next few weeks we will be giving our step-by-step guide to a successful open evening; starting this week with the basics.

Prep for open evenings should begin at least two months in advance of your first event.

We encourage our clients to run a mixture of open morning, afternoon and evening events to give all families the opportunity to visit.

We start with a good old-fashioned flyer; professionally designed and delivered to feeder primary schools or nurseries.

We also suggest leaving the flyers at churches, mosques, synagogues, gurdwaras, etc, and for primary schools at libraries, community centres, doctors and dentist surgeries. 

If your school is on or near a main road, a vinyl banner on the bars outside the school is often good value for money.

It is all standard marketing for school activity but still absolutely worth doing. If it gets you one extra student to your open evening it has more than paid for itself.

Next week we will be talking about Google ads. Stay tuned!