Marketing for schools – open evening part 2: Google ads

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In part two of our guide to a successful open evening we look at the impact of Google pay per click adverts. 

When we started our schools were still advertising their open evenings in the local paper or on bus adverts, neither of which were providing value for money. 

We have found employing a modern strategies to getting families through the door for open events have proved more cost-effective. 

Being near the top of a google search is important for most business, and schools are no different. 

Pay per click advertising essentially means paying Google to be at the top of relevant Google searches. 

When choosing your search terms, try to think like a potential customer. 

A common search term would be “local school” or “primary school near me” or “secondary school open evening”.

To capitalise on the traffic the adverts will drive to your website, we suggest setting up a landing page to capture visitors details.

Respondents are asked to fill in a form which should include their name, perhaps the age of their child and contact details.

These responses can be automatically forwarded to a member of staff who will be responsible for following up any interest in the school. 

Once you have that information you can use it in the months and weeks leading up to the deadline to promote different open events.

You could also make con tact again close to the deadline for choosing a school.

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