Marketing for schools– refining your vision

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We work with MATs looking to support new schools.

They have developed a strong educational offer, which is transforming the lives of students at their current school/s. Now they want to take that tested formula out to other schools, to other students.

The question they ask us is where to start.

Organisations of all kinds often make the mistakes of twisting and contorting their visions and values to appeal to a broad audience.

In marketing, like in life, it is better to be a first-class version of yourself than a second-class version of someone else.

The place to start, then, is with you. 

You will already know your vision for the trust: it will be informed by what drives you as education leaders.

It will have been developed through the years of experience gained inside the classroom, working with educators, teachers and families.

All we do, all we can do, is clarify, energise and align your vision so you can communicate with the right audience.

You want to make the right connections. If your brand is not reflective of your vision for education it will likely attract the wrong type of partners.

But when you communicate with honest and clarity you will find the connections you make will be stronger and effective.

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